X-Men ’97 Ratings: Again A No-Show On Nielsen Charts

Last four episodes leading to the season finale are supposed to see an uptick in viewership, according to Disney?

x men 97 episode 7 nielsen ratings

X-Men ’97 again fails to make the Nielsen ratings charts during the week Episode 7 was released despite Disney recently stating viewership was on the rise.

X-Men ’97 also again fails to make the Disney-invested Samba TV charts for the same week.

nielsen april 22 28 2024
Screenshot via Nielsen: Originals chart – Week of April 22-28, 2024

April 22-28, 2024 ratings

The Nielsen “Originals” chart for the week Episode 7 was released, April 22-28, 2024, reveals that at the bottom is Prime Video’s THEM: The Scare with 251 minutes (millions).

So obviously since X-Men ’97 didn’t make the chart that means X-Men ’97 is lower than 257.

It’s also not for just Episode 7 as Nielsen counts ALL the data from EVERY episode released that is watched during the week, so as we have been seeing all along, X-Men ’97 doesn’t have a lot of viewers at all and most of them are just watching week-to-week.

samba tv april 22 28
Via Samba TV

Viewership growing?

It’s known X-Men ’97 is being watched less than both What If..? and even Ms. Marvel, the MCU’s least-watched series on Disney+ that in part led to more than a $200 million loss with The Marvels.

It’s also known despite having more episodes available and a longer runtime that X-Men ’97 is performing worse than Marvel’s Echo which disappeared from the Nielsen charts after a week.

Regarding what Disney had to say, they released official numbers for the season finale with mention that viewership had been growing consistently over the four episodes leading to the season finale (so that’s episodes 6, 7, 8, 9); however, Episode 6 also didn’t make the Nielsen charts which came in really low for the week.

What are people watching on Disney+? Bluey, which is crushing it and came in #2 OVERALL with 1,341 minutes (millions), right behind Prime Video’s Fallout at #1 with 1,532.

As I previously said, it will be interesting to see if the remaining X-Men ’97 episodes make the Nielsen charts. Maybe fans are choosing to binge watch it with all the episodes now available?

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