‘X-Men ’97’ Changes: Season 2 Revised; Season 3 Gets What If, Ms. Marvel, Love & Thunder Writer

The news follows showrunner Beau DeMayo getting fired prior to the premiere.

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Amid Beau DeMayo getting fired and X-Men ’97 being a viewership ratings disaster, it’s learned changes are in order as Season 2 has been revised and that Season 3 will have the writer of What If…? who also worked on Ms. Marvel and Thor: Love and Thunder.

Just prior to the world premiere, showrunner Beau DeMayo was fired for undisclosed reasons, but throughout the season, DeMayo was active on X, often tweeting how he viewed the show as having LGBQT!+ themes.

DeMayo was responsible for X-Men ’97 Season 1 and completed the scripts for Season 2.

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X-Men ’97 changes for Season 2 and Season 3

According to Deadline, the scripts for X-Men ’97 Season 2 have been revised. The specific changes aren’t known.

The site also reports Matthew Chauncey, the head writer of the What If…? animated series, has been tapped to write X-Men ’97 Season 3.

According to IMDb, Chauncey also served as script doctor on Thor: Love and Thunder. He also served as consulting producer on Ms. Marvel, and is credited as a writer on three episodes.

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Worst viewership ratings for a Marvel series

Regarding the viewership of X-Men ’97, it’s the worst for a Marvel series on the Disney+ streaming service. The ratings are worse than What…If? and worse than any of the live-action MCU shows including Ms. Marvel, the least-watched MCU show.

Deadline also adds X-Men 97 director Jake Castorena will be working alongside Chauncey, and that original X-Men: The Animated Series creators, Larry Houston and Eric and Julia Lewald, are remaining as consulting producers.

The site also points out X-Men ’97 Season 2 is in production, while Season 3 is considered in development.

In my review, I offer how the series has a slow start but at least the last few episodes get good.

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