Wolé Parks Is New Black Lex Luthor In ‘Superman & Lois’


The black Lex Luthor debuted last night, played by Wolé Parks, in The CW and DC’s new Superman & Lois TV series.

Note: Spoilers follow.

The episode saw a new villain, which was promoted mysteriously as The Stranger in an attempt to avoid spoilers, luring Superman by sabotaging various nuclear power plants and leaving messages in Kryptonian.

When confronted by Superman, it’s revealed that The Stranger knows all about Superman’s history and even his real name, Kal-El.

Superman fights The Stranger but loses when The Stranger stabs him with kryptonite, but Superman ends up pulling the poisonous green crystal out of his body just in time.

The episode ends with the big reveal, as The Stranger goes into his ship, takes off his helmet, and is referred to as “Captain Luthor.”

Watch below.

Black Luthor Superman and Lois

Black Luthor from the Multiverse?

It’s my guess based on what went down in the episode that Captain Luthor is from the Multiverse, as Jon Cryer plays Lex on Supergirl which is in the same universe as Heochlin’s Superman, so it could be possible that Captain Luthor could be from an alternate universe or Earth and made his way to the current Earth during Crisis On Infinite Earths.

Just a guess, but it could be that on Captain Luthor’s Earth, Lex was the hero, while Superman was the villain (this Luthor could also be a version of Alexander Luthor Jr.).

Fans have been tweeting about the black Luthor, but I’ll say I don’t have a problem with it as it’s not like they replaced and race-swap Lex Luthor (unless it’s Alexander, which would mean another red-haired character has been replaced), but instead they came up with a new character and added to the story instead of sacrificing it. SYFY’s Krypton did the black Zod pretty well, I thought, so hopefully, they don’t SJW-up Luthor in this series.

Wolé Parks is known for All American, Yellowstone, The Vampire Diaries, and more.

Black Luthor reveal: