Woke Power Rangers Series Canceled At Netflix; Hasbro ‘Exploring New Creative Direction’

The reboot is getting retooled. Sound familiar?

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The woke Power Rangers reboot that has been in development for more than two years is no longer happening at Netflix.

It’s reported Hasbro is now exploring a new creative direction with a new partner.

The news was first reported by X user Spider-Jin which has since been confirmed by TV Line.

“Due to the lack of staff and all the departments and responsibilities Hasbro had to take on, they’re licensing Power Rangers Toys and Media off to other companies,” said the X user on Sunday. “As we seen with Playmates who now own full control of the toys, they’re doing the same with the show rights. Also, they’re trying to be as hands off as possible and still own the franchises revenues. So good news maybe??”

TV Line followed up the tweet with confirmation.

“A Power Rangers series that had been in development at Netflix for more than two years has powered down,” says the site. “Sources confirm for TVLine that the live-action series — which counted Daisy & the Six co-exec producer/veteran Supernatural story editor Jenny Klein as its showrunner, working in collaboration with Power Rangers franchise overlord Jonathan Entwistle — is no longer moving forward at Netflix.”

TV Line adds, “Power Rangers owner Hasbro Entertainment in turn is exploring a new creative direction for the series, TVLine hears, and with a new partner.”

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What was the Netflix Power Rangers about?

Spider-Jin previously leaked details that said the Power Rangers reboot at Netflix would have been set outside the normal Power Rangers universe, something like an “Elseworlds” Multiverse story.

The details included that for the first time, the team would mostly have been made up of female characters.

Making up the team is said to have included Tommy the Green Ranger, Luciana the Red Ranger, Derrick the Blue Ranger, Aubrey the Yellow Ranger, and Vanessa the Pink Ranger.

Only Tommy is said to have been from the original show (again, a rebooted “Multiverse” version), with the four other characters new. Tommy was, of course, played by the late Jason David Frank, so that means they would have recast the Green Ranger for the new Netflix series.

Further details include that Tommy was initially to be the leader but ended up betraying the team, said to come back on the team toward the end of the season.

A previous description for the cast also said either the Blue or Yellow Ranger would be LGBTQ, so that could mean Derrick and/or Aubrey could be LGBTQ to go along with the mostly female cast and with Tommy potentially being the bad guy.

Since it’s now said Hasbro is going in a new creative direction, it seems likely all of the above has been nixed.

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