Why Does Scott Snyder Hate Alfred?!


He’s Mad I Tell You!


“A Penny For Your Thoughts”

By Chris “DOC” Bushley

Caution: Spoilers Dead Ahead!


We have all seen Scott Snyder’s DC All Access “Endgame” interview regarding the Joker and plans for what happens next in the Batman mythos. But there is one thing the soft spoken scribe failed to tell you — he is TWISTED! Don’t let his facade fool you, Mr. Snyder is riddled with horrific, inhumane thoughts that churn and bubble to the surface. Don’t believe me? Check out his Image comic Wytches! He’s twisted, man, TWISTED!

Not only is Mr. Snyder a possible Arkham escapee, he seems to have a penchant for letting his disturbing ideas torment a single character incessantly. No, not Batman, Alfred Pennyworth! Yes, Alfred! The beloved butler that helped a young Bruce Wayne evolve into the crime fighting machine he is today. Now, we all know that in order to hurt a hero the most, you must hurt their inner circle, their loved ones, it just makes for better storytelling. But the things Mr. Snyder has bestowed upon poor Alfred are, say it with me… TWISTED!

Let’s go down memory lane so we can see how far Scott Snyder has pushed Alfred to the brink.


Snyder’s path of depravity began way back in the “Death Of The Family” story arc where poor Alfred was attacked by the Joker. Not only was he beaten with a ball-peen hammer, he was then tortured while the whole thing was being tape-recorded in order to send Batman a message. Was that enough for Mr. Snyder? NO! He then “Jokerized”  Alfred and made him fight the family he dearly loves!


Then came Batman Eternal where Scott Snyder and James Tynion IV decided to destroy Gotham and Batman in the process. Bruce Wayne loses everything; bank accounts, weapons depots, even Wayne Manor itself! But he loses something even more dear to him, yep, Alfred! In issue #21, Alfred is attacked inside the Manor by Hush and is violently injected with Fear Toxin directly in the temple. This drives Alfred completely insane, and eventually, he is admitted into Arkham Asylum. If this isn’t bad enough, while still fighting the effects of the toxin, Arkham collapses, sending the inmates into deep chasms beneath the structure. Insane, beaten and buried, Alfred, eventually crawls out of the rubble and teams with Killer Croc in order to escape from certain death.


After all of that, you would think Mr. Snyder would give ol‘ Alfred a break. Possibly a nice vacation, some quality time with, Julia, his daughter, but no! This week, Mr Snyder showed us what truly lies inside his maniacal mind. In Batman #39, the Joker makes his way inside the Batcave and descends upon the still recovering Alfred. Although he gets a shot off at the Joker, he is still weak and is brutally attacked. The Joker cleaves Alfred’s right hand clean off!


Is there anything more that Scott Snyder could possibly due to Alfred Pennyworth besides ultimately killing him off? We all know that Mr. Snyder’s inner thoughts are just teeming with more sadistic things to unleash upon poor Alfred before destroying him completely, but will he keep Alfred alive through the finale of the “Endgame” storyline? That is the question on everyone’s lips, but I personally think the ol’chap will make it. Everyone, including me, thought Alfred was going to die in “Death Of The Family,” and Snyder kept him alive to do even more brutal things to him. 

This time I think Alfred should get a little payback. I think during DC’s upcoming “Convergence” storyline that ALL of the Alfreds on ALL of the alternate planets should form the ultimate revenge team — the Blitzkrieg Butlers! That’s right, an all butler squad that can finally get revenge for everything Mr. Snyder has put poor Alfred through!

What do you say Alfred, would you join a barrage of badass butlers to take revenge on the Joker, Hush and anyone else who has ever done you wrong?