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What the D’ast? Fallen One

What the D’ast? Fallen One

(Editor’s note: This is another in a series of irregularly-scheduled columns by Managing Editor Byron Brewer, mainly dealing with Marvel Cosmic and its many denizens. Mr. Brewer’s opinions do not necessarily reflect that of He welcomes both raves and opposing views.)

By Byron Brewer


Before Norrin Radd fell into a vat of Quicksilver’s hair dye and became Sentinel of the Spacesways, before Gabriel blew his horn or Firelord battled the Phoenix Force in the guise of Jean Grey, before all of that there was Galactus and his first Herald, the Fallen One,

This cosmic creep’s name has been lost in the beginning ages of our (or rather, the 616) universe, but his manner of using the Power Cosmic is a great one and one of the most intriguing.

Having first appeared in the title Thanos, the Fallen One was Galactus’ first attempt at creating a servant to seek out planets for him to devour. His use of the Power Cosmic comes in the form of his control of black matter, the “binding halo by which galaxies are made solvent.” The Fallen One can use this matter to augment his strength, durability, project energy, control the electromagnetic spectrum and manipulate matter. The Fallen One is capable of traveling faster than the speed of light and is immune to the rigors of space.

Much to Big G’s dismay, the Fallen One proves to be cruel and is eventually imprisoned by Galactus. He manages to escape and despite constant defeats, repeatedly attacks Galactus.

In more recent days, the spacefaring hero Star-Lord (Peter Quill) eventually imprisons the Fallen One in the intergalactic prison known as the Kyln. But during a battle between the Maker (formerly the Beyonder) and Thanos of Titan at the Kyln, the power was shut down to many portions of the prison. Without power flowing into his containment unit, the Fallen One escaped and again sought vengeance on Galactus. As the Fallen One confronted his former master, Thanos mentally tried to reason with him, reminding him of Galactus’ special purpose in the universe. But the Fallen One justified himself, saying that Galactus knew his true nature when he made him into what he had become and still he was cast out.

Galactus decide to simultaneously alleviate his own problems and spite Thanos, teleporting the Fallen One to Thanos’ ship. The Fallen One’s powerful energy attack devastated Thanos’ giant craft, sending him plummeting to the surface of a planet below. Surviving unscathed, Thanos and his new ally Skreet overpowered the Fallen One, sending him into the core of a gas giant and igniting it. Thanos mentally enslaved the former Herald, so that when he awoke he would serve Thanos as his herald!

When the Annihilation Wave struck and the Kyln was destroyed, Thanos dispatched the Fallen One to investigate the status of the Maker. The Fallen One was captured and drained of energy by Tenebrous and Aegis, two ancient enemies of Galactus who hoped to use this Herald to find their opponent.

Rumor is that the Fallen One died during Annihilation, but can a creation of the great Galactus ever truly die, even robbed of the Power Cosmic? (Remember the saga of the Air-Walker!) Maybe we shall one day know the truth.