Wesley Snipes Teases New Character Who Can Take On Blade



Back at last month’s Comic-Con saw Wesley Snipes tease a return to Marvel with possibly a Netflix series.

Blade stated he has another project possibly in the works “that’s going to rock’em,” and now we hear more from Snipes who further teased the project at the SDCC.

Snipes spoke with CBR at Comic-Con, who finally published the interview, with Snipes mentioning if he doesn’t do another Blade, there is another character he may go with.

Well, we’ve had some discussions. We have had very positive and favorable discussions about the Blade character and other things they have in mind. We’ll see where it goes. For those Blade fans, if we never reprise Blade, I have another character that will stand toe to toe with Blade any day. It’s not done yet.

It should be noted that both times Snipes doesn’t specifically refer to the character as being a part of Marvel, just that the character can go “toe to toe” with Blade.

Is it possible Wesley Snipes is up for a DC role in their new Expanded Universe?

Or is Snipes in talks for another Marvel role? Any ideas who?