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WB Considering Suing Universal Over Dark Universe

Matt McGloin Posted: 05/31/2017 - 21:32 COMMENT

Last week saw Universal Pictures announce plans for their "Dark Universe" cinematic monster universe of movies.

Fans of DC might have recognized the name as plans are underway for a "Dark Universe" movie featuring the supernatural and horror characters from the DC Comics universe. 

According to THR, an insider filled them in that Warner Bros. is mulling legal action over Universal using "Dark Universe" as, in addition to the planned movie, WB also is using the name as a brand as part of a DC Comics line featuring the same supernatural type of characters.

As it's more or less a rumor, it's unknown if WB thinks it's worthwhile enough to continue in courts, but my own two cents is that "Justice League Dark" is a much better title. I suppose if WB was thinking of using "Dark Universe" as more of an overall brand name for their supernatural DC movies (which is similar to Universal using it for their monster movies), therein would lie the problem. 

Regarding the Dark Universe or Justice League Dark movie, it recently lost director Doug Liman and is rumored to possibly now have It director Andy Muschiett as the helmer.

JLD is supposed to feature John Constantine, Swamp Thing, Deadman, Zatanna, and Etrigan the Demon.