Watchmen TV Series Green Lit At HBO


The Watchmen TV series is a go at HBO!

Following Damon Lindeloff seemingly teasing yesterday that production has begun on the live-action Watchmen HBO series, now HBO has officially picked up the series with a pilot order (first episode). does note that the Watchmen TV series isn’t guaranteed to get picked up by the network, but it does have a lot going for it including having Damon Lindeloff on board as showrunner, who was behind HBO’s The Leftovers. In addition, Watchmen is a DC Comics property and both DC and HBO are owned by WB. 

It’s probably also a bonus that a Watchmen movie directed by Zack Snyder was released in 2009, and the graphic novel is uber popular and from legendary creators Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons.

It’s further said that having something to replace Game of Thrones is another bonus as well as the fact that Watchmen will be HBO’s first superhero series and comes with R-rated content, which fits with their TV model.