Watch: Stephen Amell Teases Green Lantern For Arrow Season 4 & More


Following up on The Flash Easter egg which references Hal Jordan, now Stephen Amell teases Green Lantern for Arrow Season 4.

TV Line caught up with Amell in the above video and asked the actor what’s in store for Arrow Season 4.

Spoilers follow if you haven’t seen the Arrow Season 3 finale.

Amell offers he won’t be Arrow anymore.

“Roy sacrificed himself. He outed himself as the Arrow,” Amell said. “So if I were to recreate the suit and go out, it would undo all the sacrifice that he made. So the Arrow persona, for better for worse, it can’t exist anymore.”

It’s then remarked it might be a matter of just putting the word “green” in front of it one day, with Amell replying, “I mean would that do it? We’ll see.”

It’s also remarked it couldn’t have been a coincidence that Damien Darhk was in Starling City, and that it’s safe to say the name will be heard again. Amell agreed: “Safe to say we will hear that name again.”

Amell continued with more teasers with mention of Green Lantern’s hometown of Coast City.

“H.I.V.E. Damien Darhk. Um. Coast City. All that good stuff.”

Coast City has been mentioned numerous times in both Arrow and The Flash, but the last episode of The Flash was the first time Hal Jordan was referenced with mention of a missing Ferris Air pilot.

Cosmic Book News was told by a DC insider plans are underway for Green Lantern to be a part of the Arrow and Flash universe.

Update: Showrunner Marc Guggenheim says Arrow Season 4 will be lighter in tone.