Watch: The Originals Season 3 Extended Trailer


The CW has released a Fall extended trailer for The Originals Season 3.

New familial threats abound when The Originals returns on Thursday, October 8 at 9/8c.

About The Originals
The Originals brought the most formidable creature on earth, the Original vampire-werewolf hybrid Klaus Mikaelson, back to his former home – the vibrant and supernaturally charged city of New Orleans, where newly empowered werewolves control the city and a myriad of unknown threats lurk. Though Klaus and Hayley have vowed to scorch the earth in order to make New Orleans a safe home for their daughter, Hope, they also have inner demons to battle. As she adjusts to life as a hybrid, Hayley experiences crippling rage and depression after saying goodbye to her daughter, and Klaus – who needs his strength now more than ever – finds himself regularly weakened as the werewolves use the moonlight rings forged in his blood. Elijah, finding himself isolated from his troubled family, sets out to destroy Francesca and her traitorous werewolves, connecting with Marcel and his renewed vampire community in the process. Despite the dangerous climate of the city, Cami recommits to her studies and to pursuing the life she wanted before she met Klaus – but the werewolves in the Quarter aren’t the only enemies preventing New Orleans from any semblance of peace.