Watch: Nicole Perlman Talks Guardians of the Galaxy & Captain Marvel


Check out video above of Nicole Perlman talking Captain Marvel and Guardians of the Galaxy.

Perlman is on board writing the Captain Marvel movie in which she says it’s currently in the brainstorming stage.

Regarding Guardians of the Galaxy, Perlman recounts how she got involved with writing the first version of the script. Perlman was a part of a Marvel writing program back in 2009 in which Marvel told the writers to develop lesser known properties.

A new Gamora comic book series is also in the works from Perlman which is set prior to Gamora joining the Guardians of the Galaxy team.

Here are some highlights:

They gave us a list of lesser known properties and said ‘choose one of these and you will be developing it for a couple of years by yourself.’ So we said ‘okay’ and everybody chose one. The one I chose was Guardians, which I got a lot of funny looks about because it was the least well known property on the list. 

I was originally drawn to the first group of Guardians. I thought there’s something really cool about Vance Astro and the whole idea about being temporally dislocated, but I loved the 2008 Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning reboot of the series. It just had so much color and sarcasm, and that was something that the producers were excited about as well.

I tried a lot of different versions of which Guardians to include in the story, but the ones that ended up in the movie are the ones that we decided fulfilled all the best parts of that team. We’re encapsulated by those guys.

Rocket Raccoon was a late addition. I’m really glad we put him in. He was very much on the fence for a while. I loved him, and Kevin loved him. There was some back and forth, and he made it in. Thank goodness.

With Quill we changed his backstory fairly significantly because we didn’t want him to start out too noble at the beginning and be doing this for noble reasons. We wanted him to be a bit of a scoundrel.