Watch: Neill Blomkamp’s Sci-Fi Short “Rakka”


neill blomkamp rakka sci fi short

Neill Blomkamp has released his first sci-fi short from his new Oats Studios production company with Rakka, which stars Sigourney Weaver.

The short takes place following an invasion by evil aliens bent on wiping out humanity!

Niell Blomkamp tells The Verge the following about the aliens:

The main idea that I like is that [the alien creatures] have this nanotech ferrofluid that changes shape. The aliens would have essentially come to earth in a lake. It forms whenever they need, and when they arrive at Earth, it probably split up into several pieces, with the different ships that formed out of it going to different continents and building the towers that they live in. They breathe a different atmosphere. If you look at the creature itself, it has this black hood on that also runs down the bridge of its nose. It’s almost like a gas mask, but hooked directly into their nostrils. It just does whatever they need it to: it processes Earth’s air into a mixture that they can breathe, it forms weapons, it forms the structures that they live in, it forms their vehicles. I just like the idea that [the fluid’s] always active, and it’s intelligent.

The aliens that we see in this piece, which we have dubbed the “Klum” aliens (rhymes with ‘plume’), are actually a sort of genetically cloned drone. They’re not entirely sentient, and they’re sent out by a far more intelligent species who we haven’t really seen yet.