Watch: Mark Wahlberg Says Yes To Transformers 5



The Transformers Universe continues with Transformers 5 and Mark Wahlberg.

Wahlberg, who starred in Transformers: Age Of Extinction, confirms in the video below that he will be back for the fifth installment.

Brazil’s CinePOP asks Wahlberg if he will be back, in which the actor replies with a simple, “Yes.”

About a year ago also saw Wahlberg mention he is actually committed to doing two more films, which would make up a trilogy.

Paramount is presently developing their Transformers Universe, with Parts 6, 7 and 8 recently confirmed, and a Cyberton origin animated movie is said to be on the way.

Michael Bay is also said to be in talks to return for Transformers 5, which is thought to be due out in 2017.

Mark Wahlberg is currently starring in Daddy’s Home, which hits Christmas Day.