Watch: Legend of Zelda Fan-Film Trailer


While a live-action official Legend Of Zelda Netflix series is on the way (as well as a new video game), why wait when you can check out the above Legend Of Zelda fan-film trailer.

The fan-film took two years to make and comes from Player Piano and The Zelda Project, directed by Clinton Jones featuring Wes Johnson as Link.

The full short will be online later this year.

Journey into Hyrule like you’ve never seen it before as Link rides to the ruins of Castletown to face off in the Final Battle with Ganondorf to save Princess Zelda. 

This is a teaser for The Final Battle, a not-for-profit short fan film being produced as a collaboration between the Zelda Project and Player Piano, to bring fans of the Legend of Zelda a live-action recreation of the epic fight between Link and Ganondorf

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