Watch: Jay Leno Introduces The New Batmobile With Zack Snyder



Check out Jay Leno and Zack Snyder taking the new Batman vs. Superman Batmobile out for a cruise.

Leno also posted a video on his YouTube channel as he hosts “Jay Leno’s Garage.” See below.

The Batmobile is also getting an upgrade for the Justice League movie.

You’ve seen the Lamborghini room, the steam room, the Jaguar room… introducing the Bat room. Buckle up for an all-new Jay Leno’s Garage Wednesday at 10p ET/PT on CNBC! 

Watch Zack Snyder and Jay Leno take the Batmobile to the streets tonight at 10pm est on CNBC!

Posted by Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice on Wednesday, June 22, 2016