Watch: Hannibal Comic-Con Trailer; Movie A Possibility


Check out a Comic-Con trailer above for Hannibal, which takes an extended look at the story of the Red Dragon, Will Graham’s new nemesis that airs Thursdays at 10/9c.

NBC recently let it be known they are not renewing the series, and the latest regarding the future of Hannibal is that Amazon and Netflix have passed on picking it up, but now the show’s creators have hinted a Hannibal movie is a possibility.

“I think this finale wraps up the television series in a really good way and also is a platform for a launch in a new version of telling the story,” producer Bryan Fuller told Entertainment Weekly Lounge at Comic-Con in San Diego on Saturday.

Regarding why Netflix passed on it, it’s because Hannibal streams over at Amazon; as for why Hannibal didn’t get picked up at Amazon, Fuller stated it’s because Amazon wanted the series right away.

“Netflix couldn’t do it because of the Amazon streaming,” Fuller explained at the SDCC. “Amazon would liked to have done it but they wanted to do it very quickly and I wanted to be able to get all the scripts in advance before we starting shooting…the schedule with their desire to put it on immediately was just impossible for us.”

Fuller has hope the series will return in some form.

“We’d like to continue with the show so the way this season ends, there may be an opportunity for a little break and then hopefully we’ll find a way to bring Mads [Mikkelsen] and Hugh [Dancy] back to you.”