Watch: Green Lantern & Doctor Strange Are The Same Movie


green lantern movie doctor strange


The 2011 Green Lantern movie and the recent Marvel Doctor Strange movie are one and the same?

YouTuber Nando Movies puts up footage from both movies side-by-side and offers an explanation, which actually sounds pretty solid!

With the exception being, of course, that Marvel did Doctor Strange better.

Comparisons include:

• Green Lantern = Doctor Strange

• Sinesto = Mordo

• Hector Hammond = Kaecilius

• Abin Sur = The Ancient One

• Kilowog = Wong

• Parallax = Dormmamu

• Carol Ferris = Christine Palmer

Watch the video below for more.

For what it’s worth, Green Lantern made $219.8 million in the U.S compared to Doctor Strange‘s whopping $675.9 million.