Watch: Geoff Johns Talks DC Comics Rebirth


geoff johns dc rebirth

Spoilers follow.


DC Comics and Geoff John’s big issue of Rebirth hits today!

My LCS quickly sold out of at least 250 copies leaving some readers to travel miles and miles in an attempt to find a copy.

You can always read the issue digitally, which is well worth the price of $2.99 for 80 pages of content.

I thought the issue was really great, and contrary to a few comic book sites’ spoiler/speculation articles, the end isn’t exactly clear: Did Dr. Manhattan create the entire DC Universe? I didn’t think so. He may have been responsible for the New 52, in that he got involved at an opportune time (Flashpoint Paradox), but exactly what are his motivations remains to be seen. What’s coming ahead should be pretty good (and all the DC issue are now $2.99!).

Check out video below featuring Geoff Johns talking about the Rebirth issue. Johns makes a great point that the issue isn’t about deconstructing comics (which we’ve been through at least 10 years or more of), but just the opposite.