Watch: Dylan O’Brien Comment About Spider-Man



Dylan O’Brien happens to be a big favorite to play Spider-Man for the new Sony Marvel venture.

The actor, known for Maze Runner and Teen Wolf, previously stated he hadn’t heard about Spider-Man professionally, but was aware of the rumors.

Now while discussing Teen Wolf, O’Brien is asked about potentially playing Peter Parker again in the below video.

O’Brien is asked if he could play Spider-Man while working on Teen Wolf, with O’Brien implying it probably wouldn’t work out with filming.

“Funny enough, probably not,” O’Brien responded. “But who knows. I have not even heard about this job other than like in these little interviews.”

It’s then remarked it’s a funny way to find out about stuff, with O’Brien agreeing and sarcastically stating, “I guess I’m Spider-Man.”

Jump to the 45-second mark to check out the comments.

It’s speculated Spider-Man will first appear in Captain America: Civil War, which will be followed by a standalone Spider-Man in 2017.