Watch: Diddy As Batman The Darkest Knight

The rapper follows his Joker from last year with an epic short film on Halloween.

The rapper follows his Joker from last year with an epic short film on Halloween.

Watch: Diddy As Batman The Darkest Knight

Diddy has gone up and did it again as the rapper, record producer, and actor dresses as Batman The Darkest Knight for Halloween and releases an epic short film.

Last year saw Diddy, real name Sean Combs, dress as Heath Ledger’s Joker from Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight, so for this Halloween, Diddy dressed as Christian Bale’s Batman, but that’s not all.

Prior to Halloween, Diddy released a video on social media where he said he received threatening letters from Warner Bros. advising him not to dress as Batman on Halloween:

However, it’s learned that not only did Diddy dress as Christian Bale’s Batman, but he also happened to film a short featuring himself as Batman, which we can guess the legal letters from WB might have been really about (assuming they are real). The footage below features the Tumbler from The Dark Knight Trilogy, set locations, and even what sounds like the Hans Zimmer music score.

Diddy is The Darkest Knight and goes after an executive in regards to the strike. The footage shows Diddy ruffing up the executive and forcing him to end the strike.

“The Darkest Knight ends the strike,” says the headline in The Gotham Times. Watch below.

Interestingly enough, “The Darkest Knight” likely is also a reference to the new album he released in September titled “The Love Album: Off the Grid.”

In some conspiracy circles, it is believed the next major event following COVID is that a major blackout will happen, which of course would be “the darkest NIGHT” as there would be no electricity for lights. That would also mean people would need to live off the grid and those that do have electricity would do so off the grid. Donald Trump also likes to reference himself as Batman and recently saw Friends actor Matthew Perry unexpectedly pass away referencing himself as Batman as well.

Public Enemy also released an album titled “What You Gonna Do When the Grid Goes Down?” back in 2020.

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