Watch: Daredevil Vs. Punisher Fight From Season 2


daredevil vs punisher season 2

Daredevil Season 2 is now availabe on Netflix with all 13 episodes.

The first episode, “Bang,” features the Man Without Fear talking on Frank Castle for the first time.

Someone went and uploaded the fight on to YouTube. Check it out below.

My thoughts:

I see the unrealistic fights and choreography carry over from the first season, which is a big disappoinment in my book. I recall normal guys getting up in that hallway scene after getting hit a hundred times as well as by butts of guns to the face. We see more of that hear as Daredevil and Punisher hit each other a gazillion times, and keep getting up. 

These guys aren’t supposed to have super-strength or mutant healing powers, right?

Ah, well, at least I have John Wick 2 to look forward to.