Walking Dead’s Lauren Cohan Signs On For New TV Project

Walking Dead's Lauren Cohan Signs On New For TV Project

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Following reports that Lauren Cohan was unhappy with AMC over her The Walking Dead contract in regards to pay, and with it said she was in numerous talks for various TV pilots, now it’s learned Lauren Cohan has gone and done just that–as she has signed on to star as the lead role in the ABC pilot, Whiskey Cavalier.

Variety reports that Lauren Cohan presently doesn’t have a new contract in place for The Walking Dead Season 9 and has been in negotiations with AMC for months.

It’s said that if ABC moves forward with Whiskey Cavalier, that it may be possible for her to return to The Walking Dead on a recurring basis or simply leave the show entirely.

News of Lauren Cohan potentially leaving The Walking Dead follows Chandler Riggs departing the series, which was also bathed in controversy as reportedly the 18-year-old actor was fired.

Andrew Lincoln has even talked about leaving the series, and The Walking Dead producers – including creator Robert Kirkman – have filed multiple lawsuits against AMC over money allegedly owed. 

In addition, AMC also recently announced new showrunner for The Walking Dead Season 9 with Angela Kang.

The Walking Dead Season 8 is set to return this Sunday at 9pm EST on AMC.

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