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Lauren Cohan Might Be Done With The Walking Dead

Lauren Cohan Might Be Done With The Walking Dead

More bad news for The Walking Dead as it’s rumored that Lauren Cohan might be done with the series and won’t be returning for Season 9, which has already been green lit.

Deadline reports that Lauren Cohan has been a hot commodity among potential new series as she has been fielding a slew of pilot offers and has taken meetings.

Regarding why she potentially wants off The Walking Dead, it’s said Lauren Cohan wants better pay–closer to what Andrew Lincoln and Norman Reedis get, which is a lot higher, but AMC only offered a modest salary increase in exchange for a long-term contract, which according to the report, was rejected (though said to be a standard practice in talent re-negotiations).  

Lauren Cohan’s current contract ends with Season 8, but it’s further said according to “other sources” that Lauren Cohan is still in talks to return for The Walking Dead and has not indicated whe won’t be returning next season.

Lauren Cohan has been a fan-favorite on The Walking Dead since appearing in Season 2 and eventually becoming a series regular.

News of Lauren Cohan possibly leaving The Walking Dead follows Chandler Riggs departing the series, in which Cohan says she was devastated by the news.

“I didn’t really believe it,” Lauren Cohan told about when she was first informed. “I was definitely in shock. I’m still in shock about it.”  

Andrew Lincoln also recently discussed his potential exit from the show, and The Walking Dead has been hit with four lawsuits ranging from the producers suing AMC over monies owed to a wrongful death lawsuit over the accident that saw the death of a stuntman.

Chandler Riggs’ father also blasted AMC over firing his son.