The Walking Dead Episode 7 Season 3 Recap/Spoilers “When The Dead Come Knocking”


[[wysiwyg_imageupload:4263:]]Another episode of The Walking Dead is here, and while I’ll say this particular episode was not a “must see” by any means, it still heightened the anticipation for the Governor and Rick meeting face to face.

Don’t get me wrong, not that it wasn’t a good episode, just that it wasn’t as emotionally riveting or even horrifying as the previous few episodes.

“When The Dead Come Knocking” starts off with where we left off with last episode, with Michonne at the prison gate with Rick and Carl; however, the zombie stench is no longer lingering on Michonne, who now has to defend herself as Carl and Rick — essentially do nothing?

This possibly goes to show just how suspicious Rick and his group have become as a single person who has seemingly defied the odds and made their way to the group is not welcome. And it does make perfect sense. 

As Michonne defenders herself she is overcome with exhaustion and passes out just as she is swarmed by a few Walkers. Bam! Bam! Carl is there to save her! Rick gets the keys from his son, opens the gate and brings Michonne in.

Next we are taken to what has become of Merle, Glenn and Maggie. Merle is questioning Glenn on where Glenn’s people are located, but Glenn is not saying a word. Merle gets too close and Glenn head-butts him! Glenn has learned a thing or two while being out in the “wild,” while Merle has had it nice inside. Doesn’t matter though as Merle loses his temper and pummels Glenn into a bloody mess (see picture upper right)!

Back to the prison, Rick starts to interrogate Michonne as he realizes something is amiss with Glenn and Maggie as Michonne has the formula. For some reason or another Michonne is as suspicious of them as they are of her — perhaps the reason being is when she doesn’t tell Rick what he wants to know he grabs for her wounded leg to try to force her! It’s also a wonder that Michonne hasn’t put it together that they are Andrea’s group — or has she?

Now on to the Governor; he tells Andrea he wants her to do something for him, something “else” — as we get a nice shot of Andrea in a thong, but not related to that.

[[wysiwyg_imageupload:4264:]]Since Glenn won’t talk, Merle decides to have a little fun(?) or flat out kill Glenn — with a Roamer! Glenn has been tape-ducted into a chair and can’t free his arms. Merle let’s loose the Roamer (left) and exits. Glenn has to fight for his life! Luckily, this is not something knew to Glenn, and he outsmarts the Roamer.

Michonne fills in Rick and co. what happened to Maggie and Glenn with the group deciding they better go in and get them. A few of them head out and park a mile or two out from The Governor’s camp when they come across a zombie hoarde! They run for it and come to a cabin where they come upon some guy hiding with a gun. The guy holds Rick at bay with a shot gun and won’t shut up — as the zombies hear them inside and try to break down the door to get inside and get a bite! Rick manages to grab the gun from the guy, and the guy bolts for the door! Wrong move! Michonne pulls out her sword and ends the man’s life. Rick then proceeds to throw the man’s body out the front door to distract the zombies, as they make their escape out the back. The scene we are witness to is an absolute zombie buffet! As in all you can eat! Blood everywhere.

Next we find out what The Governor had in store for Andrea. That scientist is present with an old man who has prostate cancer. He wants to know if after they turn, do they recall any information? Andrea is there to put an end to the old man after he becomes a Roamer. As expected by Andrea, the old man turns and doesn’t seem to recall any info. The doctor almost makes the mistake of freeing the zombies’ one hand in order to necessitate the correct response; however, Andrea is there to make the save.

Merle informs The Governor what took place with Glenn and says he is going to interrogate Maggie next — but The Governor wants to do that! In The Governor goes and questions Maggie about her people. She won’t say a word, so The Governor makes her take off her shirt and bra. What happens next? We are not sure of.

Rick and his group make their way to The Governor’s front gate. They are sitting back checking things out, while directly on the other side Andrea is seen walking! 

The Governor reunites Maggie with Glenn, but before he does puts a gun to Glenn’s head with Maggie spilling all the beans! She tells them about the prison and how many members are in the group. The Governor can’t believe that only ten cleared out the Prison, something that Merle said couldn’t be done. He actually questions Merle on his loyalties, with Merle reaffirming he is loyal to The Governor.

The Governor also sends a scouting party to check out The Prison.

And we also see The Governor question Andrea about the experiment and is none too happy to find out it wasn’t a success.

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