‘Ultraman Blazar’ Unleashes Trailer And First Details

Gento Hiruma transforms into Ultraman Blazar using the Blazer Stone, a crystal infused with the power of light, and the Blazar Brace.

'Ultraman Blazar' Unleashes Trailer And First Details

Tsuburaya Global has announced and released the trailer for the new Ultraman Blazar live-action series that gets released in July on TV Tokyo Network in Japan.

The series will also be simultaneously released in major Asian regions, and an English dubbed version will be available online.

Ultraman Blazar marks the 10th anniversary of the New Generation Ultraman series. This series explores a completely different style from the previous series under the direction of Kiyotaka Taguchi.

Watch below.

A CG-animate movie is also in development at Netflix.

ultraman blazar

What is Ultraman Blazar about?

Ultraman Blazar features a new hero, Ultraman Blazar, and Gento Hiruma.

Ultraman Blazar is a hero with a great sense of justice hailing from “M421,” an extragalactic astronomical object far from Earth. The main protagonist, Gento Hiruma, is the captain of the Special Kaiju Reaction Detachment (SKaRD), established by the Global Guardian Force (GGF) in a world where kaiju disasters are a common practice. When their strong desire for the power to save human lives resonates, the two unite.

Ultraman Blazar portrays the captain, who can transform into Ultraman, and the heartwarming human drama that unfolds at the GGF, while depicting it using the science fiction touch unique to the Ultraman series.

The theme of this series is “communication.” Communication between human and Ultraman, humanity and kaiju/aliens, the warriors on the battlefield and the commanders in the office, parent and child… How important is communication to overcome conflicts that arise from differences in views and standpoints to be able to cooperate with each other? This is a heartwarming human drama that showcases the characters as they face various hardships that could easily occur in real life, within the world of the fun and entertaining Ultraman.

Ultraman Blazar

Gento Hiruma transforms into Ultraman

One of the biggest features of this series is that the main character, Gento Hiruma, who transforms into Ultraman, the captain of the defense team. This is an unprecedented setting in the 50-year-long history of the Ultraman series.

Captain Gento Hiruma is the leader of SKaRD, and while struggling as a middle manager from the pressures from his superiors and the members of his team, he fights against the attacks from kaiju and aliens.

Tomoya Warabino, a popular actor who made his acting debut in 2007 and is well-known to fans of hero shows, plays the protagonist of this series. Warabino, acclaimed for his ability to play serious roles while also adding humor, will depict Gento Hiruma, who also has a wife and child for the first time in the TV series. Gento Hiruma transforms into Ultraman Blazar using the Blazer Stone, a crystal infused with the power of light, and the Blazar Brace.

The director is Kiyotaka Taguchi, who has been directing the series since Ultraman Z, and Taguchi will also be in charge of the story along with Keigo Koyanagi, who wrote the script and who had worked on Ultraman Z as a military advisor and was also the wrote the script for Ultraman Trigger.

Watch the trailer:

(Source: tsuburaya-prod.com)