Ugly Sonic Returns In ‘Chip N Dale: Rescue Rangers’

The internet reacts to the cameo appearance of the original design of Sonic for the new movies.


Now on Disney Plus, the Ugly Sonic returns in the new Chip N Dale: Rescue Rangers movie, and of course the internet is on fire about it.

Back when the first Sonic the Hedgehog movie was being released, the first look at the visual effects of Sonic caused a firestorm on social media as fans absolutely despised the design.

The backlash was so strong that the Sonic was redesigned into the cool look we now have today, though there is some question if it was all on purpose as part of a brilliant marketing strategy.

Regardless, the Ugly Sonic is back where he actually plays himself, so it is definitely intentional that they used him in the Chip N Dale: Rescue Rangers movie where Ugly Sonic is basically a parody of himself.

Watch the footage below and check out reactions from Twitter where the Ugly Sonic has a booth at a comic book convention where he makes fun of himself and comes off as a burned-out celebrity that is the butt of jokes and who fans make fun of, and yep, they even make fun of his human-looking teeth.

Tim Robinson, known for Saturday Night Live, Star Trek: Lower Decks, Our Cartoon President, and more, provides the voice for Ugly Sonic.

While it is a bit cringe (especially if you are a hardcore fan of the character, games, and movies), you have to admit, it does come off as really funny.

Chip N Dale: Rescue Rangers is directed by Akiva Schaffer and features John Mulaney as the voice of Chip with Andy Samberg as the voice of Dale.

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