Tyrese Gibson Tells Idris Elba To Back Off; Posts More Green Lantern Art


Tyrese Gibson really, really, really, really wants to play Green Lantern.

The actor has been posting fan art of himself as Green Lantern John Stewart and says he wants to play the character for DC.

Gibson even tells Idris Elba – Marvel’s Heimdall –  to back off!

It all started about three days ago when Tyrese Gibson posted fan art teasing “rumor has it that.”

The image went viral and Gibson hasn’t stopped.

Regarding Idris Elba, Elba is another fan-favorite choice to play Green Lantern John Stewart, and some fans are hoping when Elba’s Marvel contract runs out, that Elba will join the direct competition and play Green Lantern.

WB has slated a new Green Lantern movie for 2020.


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