Tron 3 Still On The Table


tron 3 still on table Tron 3 Still On The Table

It’s been quite some time since news of a new Tron movie has been heard, but following Disney cancelling Tron 3 right before production was said to begin was a bit of a surprise. The sequel to Tron: Legacy got so far as having a potential title with “Tron: Asension,” and the movie was supposed to film in Vancouver with Garett Hedlund, Olivia Wilde and director Joseph Kosinski returning.

The rumored reason Tron 3 didn’t go forward was blamed on the underperformance of Tomorrowland in addition to Tron: Legacy not being a big merchandise seller. It was said Disney wanted to concentrate on their animated movies and big tentpole films. In addition, Tron: Legacy only made $400 million worldwide on a high $170 million budget.

Now over a year later, there is at least a glimmer of hope about Tron 3. Screen Rant caught up with Tron: Legacy producer and former Disney development executive Brigham Taylor who at least confirmed talks about Tron 3 have been going on. 

“I always hope for that. I just had a wonderful visit to Shanghai, where they have an amazing attraction based on Tron Legacy. The designers just did such an amazing job creating the feeling of stepping onto The Grid, and that indelible visual world that Lisberger created and Kosinski explored… and I think there’s a real stickiness to that that I hope can grow into a film or whatever else. So I don’t know what I’d ‘hint’ at other than that I hope for that, and that there’s obviously been conversations.”

Previous details mentioned by director Jopsh Kosinki a while back stated Tron 3 wouldn’t have be a rehash of Tron: Legacy, and the director also compared Tron 3 to an Empire Strikes Back.