‘Transformers: Earthspark’ Features Non-Binary Bot

Most 'Transformers: EarthSpark' fans are not delighted by this seemingly obvious milestone.

Most 'Transformers: EarthSpark' fans are not delighted by this seemingly obvious milestone.

'Transformers: Earthspark' Features Non-Binary Bot

Hasbro, Paramount Plus, and Nickelodeon have debuted a non-binary robot in the Transformers: Earthspark kids animated show.

The character is an Autobot named Nightshade who uses pronouns.

Footage has hit social media where Optimus Prime is talking to Nightshade along with a little girl.

Optimus is shown having trouble speaking with Nightshade where the little girl nods her head in approval at the bot.

“Nightshade’s pronouns are they/them,” says the little girl.

Nightshade responds, “He or she just doesn’t fit who I am.”

Worth a mention is that apparently, the writers of the series got Nightshade’s dialogue wrong, as I believe the correct non-binary wording should have been “doesn’t fit who we are,” — yes “we” still referring to only the singular.

Nightshade is voiced by Z Infante who also uses pronouns.

The reception hasn’t been all that favorable as a video on YouTube celebrating Nightshade has 1.4k likes to the same amount of dislikes, so not all the Transformers fans are happy.

Non-binary Transformers

Hasbro goes woke and broke

Worth a mention is that Nightshade isn’t a new character to the Transformers universe and was previously depicted as a female, so we see Hasbro, Paramount Plus, and Nickelodeon didn’t bother creating a new non-binary character but went woke and changed an already existing character.

The woke IDW Transformers comics from woke IDW Publishing also established Transformers as transgender including fan-favorite Arcee who “revealed” she was at first “forged male,” and then voluntarily sought out Jhiaxus to reassign her gender as female.

Last year also saw Hasbro drop the Mr. and Mrs. from its Mr. Potato Head brand name in favor of a gender-neutral brand name.

Last year also saw Hasbro propose changes to Monopoly, aka “Woke-opoly,” where the Community Chest cards would be replaced by cards to make them more in line with current social attitudes.

A Hasbro engineer also exposed and leaked Hasbro forcing its employees to partake in Critical Race Theory training where Conscious Kids co-founders Katie Ishizuka and Ramón Stephens addressed Hasbro staff about infants’ inherent racism.

Hasbro’s Haslab crowd-funded Moses Ingram Reva Lightsaber and Robbie Reyes Ghost Rider also failed to get funded by fans.

Hasbro has also announced it is selling off its non-core branded movie and TV division that it purchased for $4 billion back in 2019.

The Hasbro Inc. stock price is also down over 40% from a year ago.

Hasbro stock price

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