Transformers: Devastation Comic-Con Trailer


A new trailer dropped at Comic-Con for the Transformers: Devastation video game.


PlatinumGames’ signature fast-paced action allows instant robot to vehicle attacks, slam downs, counterattacks, and infinite combos for a unique and customizable combat system.

5 difficulty levels with overhauls in enemy composition, combined with a deep customization system, means hours of intense gameplay.

Optimus Prime and the Autobots face off against classic Decepticons when Megatron discovers a way to harness the enormous power of Plasma Energy to Cyberform Earth. Fueled by the Plasma Energy, the Decepticons are stronger and more powerful than ever. Can the Autobots stop them?

Transformers: Devastation will be available October 9th for PS3, PS4, XBox 360 and XBox One.