Toy Fair 2011 Pics: New Thundercats Images and Details


The MTV Splash Page put up some images from Banda’s new Thundercats (2011) line – soon to be airing on the Cartoon Network.

They also spoke with Bandai Marketing Director Brehan Maul who said that, “technology plays such a huge role in the show they wanted to make sure it’s featured in the toy line.” This “tech” aspect is evident in that the 4-inch figures activate LED lights and sounds when used in the various vehicles and play sets. Maul also stated what we see is just a “sampling of the characters” and they expect to have a “fully expanded line.”

Looks great! Can’t wait to get my hands on the Sword of Omens! Hoooo!

Thundercats actions figures, play sets and accessories should be available from Bandia around August of this year.

Images after the video, click to enlarge.

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