Thunderbolts Netflix Series Rumored; Punisher Spinoff A Possibility



The Television Critics Association press tour is taking place today where earlier saw mention that every six months new Marvel episodes will be coming to Netflix.

Now we get an update on Jon Bernthal’s Punisher from Netflix CCO Ted Sarandos who mentioned that it’s possible the Punisher could get a spinoff.

“It is possible for sure,” Sarandos offered. “That’s the beauty of the Marvel universe.”

Sarandos continued with mention that it’s actually possible for any of the characters to be featured in the Marvel movies as well.

“Any of them could spin out into films, too,” Sarandos added.

In related news, a rumor has hit the net that Marvel is developing a Thunderbolts Netflix series.

The Hashtag Show YouTube channel states a source has filled them in that the Netflix Thunderbolts series is being developed.

Check out their video (note: Red Hulk is only speculated for Captain America: Civil War):