Terminator Will Be Back



In the words of Arnold Schwarzenegger, yes, Teminator will… be back.

A few days ago saw word hit that the Terminator universe, which included a planned TV series, had been put on hold indefinitely due to the lackluster performance of Terminator: Genisys, which only netted $90 million in the U.S.

However, now it’s learned the producers of the Terminator will continue the franchise.

“Do we intend to have a next step of Terminator? Yes, we do,” Skydance chief creative officer Dana Goldberg said at TheWrap’s 6th Annual Media Leadership Conference. “I wouldn’t say [Terminator is] on hold, so much as re-adjusting.”

Goldberg also continued with confirmation that a Terminator TV series still looks to be a part of those plans.

“At Skydance, when we talk movies, we talk universes, even more than franchises,” Goldberg said. “So the idea of a Terminator TV show fits into that universe. All the steps have to be taken in unison.”

While Terminator didn’t do all that well domestically, what ended up saving the franchise was its international audience as Genisys grossed $350 million in foreign markets.

“Happily, we live in the world where the domestic number had a level of importance 10 or 15 years ago — I’m not saying it’s not important, it is — but we have to play to a worldwide market,” Goldberg said. “In terms of Terminator, the worldwide market paid attention, but we’re not taking the domestic number lightly.”

It’s also learned that the producers of Terminator will connect with the fans to figure out how to better serve up Skynet and the time-travelling cyborgs in future platforms.

“[We will use] data and research to do a worldwide study and really talk to audiences about what they loved, and what maybe didn’t work for them, so that the next we take with the franchise is the right one.”