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Disney ‘Chronicle’ Sequel Featuring Female Leads In Development

A sequel to the hit 2021 Chronicle movie is in development at Disney Fox where the flick will feature a female lead and cast. John Davis, a producer on Disney’s Jungle Cruise, filled in Forbes about plans for the sequel which includes the movie will be told from a female point of view: Chronicle was […]

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Advanced Review: Superman: American Alien #1 (of 7)

The last few years have been tough on the overall character of Superman. He has been lacking a true form of identity, shifting between a depowered “everyman,” an infected Doomsday clone, as well as the most recent, “god of power” incarnation — while the character of Clark Kent has been left by the wayside to fall into his own obscure oblivion until further called upon.

Well, look no further for a glimmer of hope to bring Clark Kent back to the forefront! Max Landis has crafted a tale of pure joy and wonderment in his Superman: American Alien book, and it will invigorate even the most skeptical of readers, I should know, I am one!

Going into this book, I was dreading what may yet defile DC’s “Golden Boy” even more than what he has endured in the recent past. But from page one, Landis encapsulated the sheer amazement that those tales all lacked and by page two, I wasn’t believing that a boy could fly, but I was damn sure rooting for him to! Landis has woven a tale that brings the heart and soul back to the Superman mythos, and no one should pass it by!

We follow a young Clark Kent that is both frightened of himself and by what may be done to him if anyone learns his secret. His journey is laced with nostalgia and overpowering in youthful invigoration. Readers will find themselves grinning emphatically over Clark’s exuberance and innocent wonder and will feel connected to the character more than they have in years. But this tale is not purely about young Clark, it is about the Kent’s as a family dealing with extraordinary things while trying to teach their adopted son how to act like a man regardless of what his DNA may say. 

Landis couldn’t tell this story alone, and Nick Dragotta is the perfect artistic compliment to his tale of a prepubescent Clark. Dragotta’s bold, clean lines accentuate that youthful vigor ever present in the tale while creating crisp action sequences that will make your heart soar!

Max Landis has stated that each issue will revolve around completely different parts of Clark’s life with a different artist for each part as well. If each issue is as complete and thrilling as this first one, fans will not only clamor to get back into the Superman fold but they will bring as many readers with them as they can!

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