Surprise: Geoff Johns Left Marvel For DC Because Of Editorial


geoff johns left marvel dc comics

In case you didn’t know, DC Comics writer, president and co-runner of the DCEU, Geoff Johns, was at one time with Marvel Comics and even wrote The Avengers!

Just think, if things would have went differently and Johns had stayed at Marvel Comics how different DC Comics would have been. More than likley there would have been no Green Lantern: Rebirth, New 52, Rebirth, Sinestro Corp Wars, Blackest Night and the list goes on and on.  

Geoff Johns explains what went sour working with Marvel, which shouldn’t be a surprise as it was editorial. 

[It was] probably the day that I signed an exclusive at DC. I was like, ‘Oh I guess my profession is a writer.’ That was a journey too, because… Obviously I love DC. I like Marvel, but I love DC… I love Hulk. If I could buy Hulk from Marvel I’d like to. That would be really cool. I’d do a Hulk movie. Hulk vs. Superman or something… Thor: Ragnarok does look really badass.

I was working for Dick Donner as his assistant and I was writing comics for DC, and Marvel offered me Avengers. I did write for Marvel for like, a year and a half… it wasn’t a great experience because of the management at the time. Though I love Tom Brevoort, who was my editor, I didn’t love the experience of writing there because it was very different than DC for me, personally. It’s different for everybody… But at the time it wasn’t really for me.

Geoff Johns worked on The Avengers from 2002-2004, with Joe Quesada serving as Marvel EIC. Guess that explains things.

Johns went on to talk more about moving from Marvel to DC:

The day I got The Avengers, and they announced it, DC called me and said ‘Hey will you sign an exclusive?’ And I said ‘I just got announced on Avengers, I can’t sign an exclusive!’ But about a year later… I loved working with Dan [DiDio] and everybody at DC, and my heart’s at DC, it just is. And so the day I signed the DC contract… it gave me some security that for the next number of years I would be writing full-time for DC. And that’s when I really felt like my profession was a writer.

Geoff Johns also gave credit to co-publisher Dan DiDio for sticking with DC Comics:

Again I give a lot of credit to you, Dan. Because I wouldn’t have signed at DC if you weren’t there. You were the one that made me want to sign at DC. I could’ve been at Marvel. If you hadn’t come to DC, I probably would have stayed freelance.

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