Superman Video Game Rumored Again

Superman Video Game

New rumors are flying that a Superman video game is in the works from Warner Bros. and Rocksteady.

A Superman video game has been rumored for quite a while, but the latest is that it will be announced, according to 4Chan, at the upcoming Microsoft’s E3 conference on Sunday, and that gameplay footage with be showed off at the event on an Xbox One X console.

According to the rumor, the footage will reveal Brainiac attacking Metropolis with the Man of Steel being weakened as a result of the battle.

Gameplay will feature Big Blue flying and in combat taking on ground and airborne enemies including Brainiac’s drones.

A video game website,, has also been launched, though presently nothing is there, and it is unknown if it is for the game or not.

It’s also being said that the Superman video game will be featured next month on the cover of Game Informer magazine.

Doing a little more digging, a Reddit user who apparently leaked Fallout 76 early is also stating a Superman video game could be in the works.

A new Superman video game has been said to be in development as far back as 2015-2016, and Henry Cavill also said he would like to be the voice of the character if the game ever gets made.

Rocksteady is known for their Batman Arkham games, so a Superman game from them probably would be done really well. Here’s hoping.

Here is a piece of old concept art:

Superman Video Game

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