‘Superman and Lois’ Leaks Include Major Death and Villain


Following the earlier character and plot leaks, now it is claimed the Superman & Lois series pilot sees a major death, with the villain also said to have leaked.

Note: Spoilers follow.

The earlier plot leaks made mention of how Pa Kent will be already deceased at the start of the series, but according to rumor, Ma Kent will be killed off in the pilot episode.

It’s claimed that the killing off of Ma Kent will be a way to bring back Clark and Superman to Smallville for the series, as Ma Kent tells Superman as he speeds home: “Clark, it’s time. Come home.”

Regarding the major villain of Superman & Lois, it’s said to be Morgan Edge, who was played by Adrian Pasdar (Heroes, Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD) in a few episodes of Supergirl.

Superman Tyler Hoechlin

Superman & Lois stars Tyler Hoechlin, Elizabeth Tulloch

It’s said that Morgan Edge and his Galaxy Broadcasting company buy the Daily Planet where Edge starts to put his own people in positions of employment that sees him butt heads with Lois. Worth a mention is that the earlier leaks mentioned that Clark Kent and most of the Daily Planet staff would be laid off, but not Lois, so this new information seems to fit.

It’s further said that Morgan Edge has a stake in Smallville, as Edge is buying up old mines and various properties, which leads to Lois Lane investigating him.

In the comics, Morgan Edge also happens to be the leader of Intergang, an organized crime group armed with technology supplied by the villainous New Gods of the planet Apokolips, Darkseid and/or Desaad; so that could always play a part (which would be pretty cool).

Additional details about the Superman & Lois series include Lois and Clark have twin sons, that General Lane will appear, and that Lana Lang and her family are involved (plot and character descriptions can be found here; the twin Superman sons have already been cast).

(rumors via Bounding Into Comics, YouTube)

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