‘Superman & Lois’ Fired Writer Alleges Racism


A writer let go from the upcoming Superman & Lois series coming to The CW claims racism and more.

Nadria Tucker took to social media to voice her complaints where she says her contract was not renewed. While she says it’s claimed she wasn’t brought back because her work wasn’t up to par, Tucker says what actually happened is that she was canned because she fought for black and female characters and against jokes about the #MeToo movement while a part of the writers’ room for Superman & Lois:

“Some personal news: Wednesday I got word that my contract on Superman and Lois won’t be extended, my services no longer needed, my outline and draft subpar (obviously I disagree with that last bit lol). This, after months of me flagging #metoo jokes in dialogue of me defending the Bechdel test, of me FIGHTING to ensure the only Black faces on screen aren’t villains, of me pitching stories for female characters (there’s one in the title of the series!) that went ignored. If I sound bitter, it’s because this one stings. I’ve been assured by colleagues that I was great in the room, so I know I’m not nuts. I debated whether to post this but my own mental wellbeing demands that I do. The only way shit changes is to expose it.”

Superman and Lois

Superman & Lois controversy ensues

Obviously, it is unknown if Nadria Tucker’s allegations are true, but the allegations don’t seem to fit with any of The CW DC shows, which are heavily female-oriented and considered “woke” and do have black characters that aren’t villains (case in point the recently canceled Supergirl).

What could be going on is that DC and The CW are going in a different direction than its recent SJW approach which has failed miserably with fans and with ratings. Nadria Tucker could be a bit disgruntled over her firing, but again, we don’t know all the details.

A quick note regarding the Bechdel test, it’s a measure of the representation of women in fiction as it asks whether a work features at least two women who talk to each other about something other than a man, so Tucker seems to be indicating that whenever the female characters talk to each other in Superman & Lois they are talking about a man and not anything else.

Tucker also seems to be indicating the black characters in the show are only villains.

Again, her claims are currently unsubstantiated and we’ll have to wait until Superman & Lois comes out this January; however, if The CW DC shows are really stopping all the PC SJW propaganda, it might not be a bad thing as fans are tired of their favorite shows and movies being littered with political angles, but that isn’t to say if Tucker’s allegations are true to take anything away from her claims as certainly racism in any form is wrong.

A quick check of Tucker’s IMDb page also reveals she wrote for Krypton Season 2 and was the story editor, which was a complete disaster as following its successful Season 1, Season 2 tanked completely and led to the show getting canceled. 

What’s also interesting is that Ray Fisher has reached out to Nadria Tucker who has also claimed racism with his own experience while filming Justice League.