Superman & Lois Final Season Casts Jimmy Olsen

The casting suggests the final season is indeed moving away from Smallville to Metropolis.

superman lois final season jimmy olsen

Jimmy Olsen is joining the cast for the final season of Superman & Lois, which further suggests the Kents are likely moving from Smallville to big city Metropolis.

Actor Douglas Smith has been cast as the iconic photographer of the Daily Planet.

According to the show’s character description, Douglas Smith’s Jimmy Olsen is an extroverted 20-something known for being the “life of the party” around the office (via TV Line).

The description adds that “despite being work colleagues with Clark, [Jimmy] has been unable to get him out of his ‘awkward’ shell,” and that Jimmy is “unaware of Clark’s super-secret, he’s still determined to become his pal.”

Douglas Smith is a Canadian actor known for The Alienst, and Big Little Lies, and is the younger brother of Gregory Smith who has directed episodes of Superman & Lois.

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From Smallville to Metropolis?

While the plot hasn’t officially been announced, it’s been guessed that the Kent Family moves to Metropolis for the final season, which explains why the Smallville cast isn’t around.

Previously it was reported that only the Smallville cast would return in a guest starring role and that the regulars would be the Kent Family made up of Tyler Hoechlin, Elizabeth Tulloch, Michael Bishop and Alex Garfin.

It’s also known Michael Cudlitz is returning as Lex, and Season 4 has also cast Yvonne Chapman as Lex’s #2 who is the acting leader of LuthorCorp in Lex’s absence.

So, again, it seems likely the Kents and Luthor are now in Metropolis which would explain why Jimmy Olsen is a part of the show as well as Yvonne Chapman’s Amanda McCoy and not the Smallville cast.

Superman & Lois Season 4 doesn’t have a premiere date but is thought to debut in the fall on The CW and will feature only ten episodes.

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