Superman Lives Test Footage

Superman Lives

New test footage from Superman Lives makes its way online featuring a look at concept designs for the suit.

Superman Lives was originally being developed in 1996 as Kevin Smith wrote a script, with Ben Affleck set to star as Superman and Jack Nicholson wanted as Lex Luthor.

Eventually, Tim Burton would come on to the project, have the script rewritten, and Nicholas Cage would be cast as the Man of Steel, with Kevin Spacey approached for the role of Lex Luthor, while Christopher Walken was the choice for Brainiac.

Check out footage of Nicolas Cage below as well.

The movie was set to be quite different than any previous version of Superman as you can see by the designs below.

Nicholas Cage is now providing the voice of Superman for the animated Teen Titans Go! To The Movies film.  

WB passed on Superman Lives citing budget issues.

Superman Lives

Superman Lives