Superman: Legacy: Kurt Russell In Doubt

It's known James Gunn likes to use actors he previously worked with.

It's known James Gunn likes to use actors he previously worked with.

Superman: Legacy: Kurt Russell In Doubt

It’s been claimed that James Gunn might be casting his Guardians of the Galaxy 2 actor, Kurt Russell, in Superman: Legacy, but now the actor might be too busy.

Descriptions for reported Superman: Legacy concept art surfaced in September offering that the art resembles Kurt Russell for the role of Jor-El.

We also know that James Gunn likes to use the same actors in his projects, such as the casting of his buddy, Nathan Fillion, as Green Lantern Guy Gardner.

Regarding the concept art, the art is said to feature Jor-El at seven feet tall, and the art features the face of Kurt Russell:

The leaks state, “Jor-El. He’s drawn as being tall, and I mean REALLY tall. Like, above 7 feet at least. His costume is sort of a mix between armor and fabric, with the armor bits being like a baby blue and the fabric being a crystal-y white. He has a blue House of El crest on his chest which glows, kind of like an LED. And here’s the fun part. Take this with a grain of salt, as a ton of concept art uses random actors’ faces on characters, but the specific art I’ve seen features Kurt Russell’s face on Jor-El. Which would be great casting IMHO.”

James Gunn Superman Legacy

Kurt Russell in doubt

Again, James Gunn using Kurt Russell as Jor-El would make sense (Zack Snyder used Russell Crowe) as Kurt Russell does have that fatherly look (he stars with his son in Apple+’s Godzilla series and played Star-Lord’s father in GOTG Vol. 2) and has previously worked with Gunn in the Marvel movies.

However, according to Jeff Sneider, Kurt Russell may be too busy for Superman: Legacy.

Sneider claims Kurt Russell has been cast in Quentin Tarantino’s The Movie Critic which may film at the same time as Superman: Legacy.

“Just to be clear, what I said on yesterday’s podcast was that Kurt Russell is gonna be in THE MOVIE CRITIC. Which could very well shoot at the same time as SUPERMAN: LEGACY. So while Kurt might make a great Pa Kent or Jor-El, and has a relationship with Gunn, he’s likely too busy,” tweeted Sneider.

Obviously, if Kurt Russell is too busy, James Gunn will have to go with another actor, but the role of Jor-El isn’t likely a big one in Superman: Legacy, so perhaps, Russell can do both.

david corenswet superman
Fan art

What does the Superman: Legacy concept art show?

The Superman: Legacy concept art is also said to have shown actor Skyler Gisondo as Jimmy Olsen, art of Brainiac drones, and the new David Corenswet Superman suit.

“There’s been concept art done for most Superman suits. Fleischer, Rebirth, the Classic, etc. Gunn really just wants to find the perfect suit to use for the movie,” said the leaker on Reddit. “There is concept art of Superman both with and without trunks. I’m assuming the decision of whether he’ll have trunks or not will be dependent on how it looks in the actual costume tests.”

david corenset superman fan art
David Corenswet fan art

Where is Superman: Legacy filming?

Regarding when the flick films, it has been said early next year.

Gunn recently said they are filming all over the world when a fan just said Atlanta.

“No no shooting on soundstages in Atlanta – rest of film in places all over the world,” replied Gunn on Threads.

Superman: Legacy opens on July 11, 2025. The film also stars Rachel Brosnahan as Lois Lane, Isabela Merced is Hawkgirl and Edi Gathegi is Mister Terrific, with it also said casting is underway for Lex Luthor and possibly Brainiac.

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