Henry Cavill Not Done Yet As Superman Says Jason Momoa


At last night’s Aquaman world premiere, Jason Momoa let it be known that Henry Cavill is not done as Superman just yet.

It’s reported by a producer for Entertainment Tonight that Jason Momoa said that Henry Cavill loves playing Superman and is “absolutely” not leaving the character anytime soon.

“I just talked to Henry… He’s absolutely not [leaving Superman],” Momoa told ET Online. “He loves the character. He’s not. One hundred percent.”

The article goes on to say that Momoa insisted that Cavill is not leaving, “It’s absolutely [not going to happen].”

Interestingly enough, this news of Henry Cavill not leaving the Superman role follows it learned that The CW TV Arrowverse version of the Man of Steel, played by Tyler Hoechlin, has been seemingly placed on the backburner. The final part of the recent Elseworlds crossover saw the Tyler Hoechlin Superman tell Supergirl that he is hanging up his cape for an unspecified amount of time. It was then revealed that the Arrowverse version of Lois Lane is pregnant and that the Hoechlin Superman asked her to marry him. Supergirl even remarked that his break could be for nine months, but the Hoechlin Superman left no timetable, with the episode insinuating a longer break.

As I pointed out, WB does not like to use the same characters at the same time in their movies and in their TV shows. It’s known that is the reason why Deathstroke and the Suicide Squad characters were removed from Arrow – because of the DCEU films – and now following the Tyler Hoechlin Superman no longer being a part of the Arrowverse, there is word of Henry Cavill potentially returning for Superman.

Superman Henry Cavill

Regarding what is going on with Superman in the DCEU, last we saw of the Man of Steel was in Justice League, which saw all the controversy surrounding Henry Cavill’s mustache and the bad CGI. It’s possible WB could be delaying Man of Steel 2 to give audiences a break from the previous Superman appearances and start something fresh with Cavill and a new director. 

There has been rumor for a long time that Man of Steel 2 will feature Brainiac as the villain.

Henry Cavill was also supposed to film a cameo for Shazam!, which remains to be seen if it actually happened. There have been rumors of contention between Cavill’s team and WB over signing a new contract, with it said Cavill’s manager wants him to get more money, but WB has been hesitant. Perhaps they have come to a new deal?

Also worth mentioning is that Henry Cavill doesn’t have any new projects on his plate, other than filming the Netflix Witcher series. We can guess the reason that he is holding out is due to wanting to do Man of Steel 2 and return as Superman.