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Elseworlds Finale Announces Spoilers

Matt McGloin Posted: 12/11/2018 - 21:14 COMMENT

Tonight saw part 3 of the Elseworlds crossover air on The CW with the Supergirl episode.

A couple of things are worth talking about; so SPOILER warning.

The first is that apparently Tyler Hoechlin may be done as Superman on The CW for the time being. He tells Supergirl he is hanging up the cape for the foreseeable future as he and Lois are having a baby. Supergirl even questions if it will be nine months, but Superman says longer, with no time period given. The scene then cuts to Superman and Lois Lane in the Fortress of Solitude where Superman asks Lois to marry him, and of course she says yes. Now does this mean Superman actually won't be around for a while on The CW? It is known Jon Cryer has been cast as Lex Luthor, but that is for the Supergirl series. I suppose it doesn't necessarily mean Superman has to be a part of the story. Could it also mean there are plans for Henry Cavill to stick around as Superman on the big screen? WB tends to not use characters on TV that are in the movies and vice versa. 

The second thing worth mentioning is that at the conclusion of Elseworlds, it said Crisis On Infinite Earths is coming Fall 2019.  Right now, no other details are known, but does it mean another crossover or a new series? Could Crisis On Infinite Earths be a new series featuring The Flash, Arrow and Supergirl? What does it then mean for each characters' respective series? Could the solo series be over, with a lengthy Crisis On Infinite Earths series replacing them?

It's possible answers might be forthcoming in the next couple of hours and we'll be sure to update when more becomes available. 

Update: Crisis On Infinite Earths is said to be next year's crossover event.

Crisis Infinite Earths