Watch New Superman David Corenswet In ‘The Greatest Hits’ Trailer

Check out the new Man of Steel in action prior to his big debut from James Gunn next year.

watch new superman david corenswet greatest hits trailer

I’ve seen more than one fan mention they have no idea who David Corenswet is, other than he looks a lot like the former Superman, Henry Cavill.

I am familiar with the 30-year-old Corenswet from Netflix’s Hollywood series, and now fans can check him out in the trailer for The Greatest Hits.

David Corenswet will be starring in James Gunn’s Superman which gets released on July 11, 2025, with Gunn now filming.

Worth a mention is that The Greatest Hits looks to have filmed prior to David Corenswet’s big physique transformation into the Man of Steel.

Watch the trailer below.

greatest hits poster david corenswet

What is The Greatest Hits about?

Per the official synopsis, the film is written and produced by Ned Benson, and follows Harriet (Lucy Boynton) who experiences a unique connection between art and reality.

She discovers that specific songs have the power to transport her back in time, driving her to relive various special moments with her ex-boyfriend (David Corenswet).

Her time-traveling experiences begin to bleed into present day when meeting someone new (Justin H. Min). Throughout her journey, Harriet explores the mesmerizing link between music and memory, facing her with difficult decisions of whether altering the past is a choice worth making.

The Greatest Hits gets released in select theaters on April 5th, and only on Hulu on April 12.

Watch the trailer:

THE GREATEST HITS | Official Trailer | Searchlight Pictures

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