Superman #7 Review (Rebirth)


Writer: Peter J.Tomasi & Patrick Gleason
Artist: Jorge Jimenez
Colors: Alejandro Sanchez
Letterer: Rob Leigh
Cover: Patrick Gleason, Mike Gray & John Kalisz
Publisher: DC
Price: $2.99
In stores: Sept. 21, 2016

Every once in awhile, writers and artists converge on a story that tends to outshine the rest of the series. Sometimes this is a bombastic tale that shows the character overcoming great odds, solidifying them in the hearts and minds of the reader as a true “hero.” Other times, it is something so somber, so heartfelt that the character becomes more emotionally connected to the fanbase. What Tomasi, Gleason and Jimenez give fans in Superman #7, is a single issue that reconnects us to the “man” in Superman.

This issue is reminiscent of the wonderful “Day Out” X-Men stories Chris Claremont would grace us with years ago. It is a tale of Clark “Smith” and his family having a single day to themselves, sans powers, enjoying the Hamilton County Fair. Used as a “down time” issue, it lets the fans truly connect with the entire family in a way that they haven’t had since “Rebirth” started. The first six issues were an intense action based roller coaster, while the seventh gives us time to look in on some of the little quirks that make the “Smith” family work.

There is an “almost” kept promise from Clark to Lois, some flattery on the fanfare, Jon learning about the cons of a carney and a promise kept between a father and son. Tomasi and Gleason create a story that is both heartfelt and funny, giving readers a chance to see the “every man” that Superman can be. Clark flirts with his wife, gives advice to his son, opens up to neighbors and when it is needed, protects those around him. It is something so normal and fundamental as a father/husband to do, that it elevates the character to heights not seen in a very long time.

As great as the story is, Jorge Jimenez’s art enhances it even further. The layout of the pages and the subtle facial expressions exchanged between the “Smith” family, especially Lois, are extraordinary! The second to last page tells a tale between Clark and Lois, no words exchanged between them, that is hysterical and brilliant! And the final page is over the top!

Tomasi has always been brilliant at bringing the “human” side of superheroes to the forefront of a story, and this is my favorite one yet. This “non-Superman fan” has been converted, and I cannot wait to see what is in store for the “Smith” family next!

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