‘Storm Area 51’ Goes Viral on Facebook; Air Force Responds


A Facebook event with near a million people has been set up requesting that people “storm” Area 51, the controversial secretive military base in Nevada desert, that has seen the Air Force respond with a warning for those that might take it seriously.

“[Area 51] is an open training range for the US Air Force, and we would discourage anyone from trying to come into the area where we train American armed forces,” Air Force spokeswoman Laura McAndrews told the Washington Post on Friday. “The US Air Force always stands ready to protect America and its assets.”

The Facebook event page is titled “Storm Area 51, They Can’t Stop All of Us” and that: “We will all meet up at the Area 51 Alien Center tourist attraction and coordinate our entry. If we naruto run, we can move faster than their bullets. Lets see them aliens.”

Area 51

Storm Area 51 goes viral

The “naruto run” description above references the Naruto anime series that sees the titular character run with his head forward and arms behind his back to run faster (which of course doesn’t really work). 

The Facebook page has tens of thousands of posts including a “how to” plan to storm Area 51 as well as memes referencing The Matrix and Men In Black.

Regarding the controversy surrounding Area 51, it has been theorized to house everything from aliens to alien tech, to secret advanced Illuminati technology involving time travel, to advanced secret military tech.  

Area 51

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