Stephen Amell Teases SummerSlam



This past Monday on WWE Monday Night RAW saw Arrow star Stephen Amell enter the squared circle, and now there is no going back.

Amell signed with the WWE to partner with Neville, the “Red Arrow,” to take on Wade Barrett and Cody “Stardust” Rhodes.

Amell actually look pretty good when he was in the ring as he jumped the ropes, tackled Stardust and landed some pretty convincing elbow drops.

The latest from Amell is that he posted the following image on Facebook of himself training in the ring.

Questions: Will Amell have a finisher? Will Amell come down to some cool Arrow music? Will Amell be dressed as the Green Arrow?

“Somewhere… Brooklyn beckons…” the Green Arrow added.

SummerSlam takes place in Brooklyn, NY on Sunday August 23d.


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