Stephen Amell Responds To Marvel Rumors



With the WB movie universe apparently giving Stephen Amell the cold shoulder (and Grant Gustin), is the Arrow, Marvel bound?

Around three weeks ago saw Stephen Amell mention he would be open to a Marvel movie role, which apparently had led some fans online to believe he’s actually up for a role.

While debunking the rumor of leaving Arrow on Facebook, Stephen Amell commented on being rumored for the MCU.

That’s another one of those absolutely preposterous rumors. Here’s the deal: I’m an actor. I like acting roles. Because an actor tends to be defined by not being unemployed. So if a role came up… I would always listen. Does that include Marvel characters? Of course it does. Have there been any offers, auditions, or even general meetings…? No.

So if Marvel did give Amell a call, any ideas as to who he could play? I previously put it forth he could possibly play Richard Rider Nova. Some other suggestions have included Moon Knight. How about John Walker, aka US Agent?

“Arrow” returns January 20th, and TMNT 2 hits June 3rd, with Amell as Casey Jones.