Star Wars: Acolyte Trailer Leaks Amid Cancellation Rumors

Is the leaked trailer a reminder the series is still happening?

Is the leaked trailer a reminder the series is still happening?

Star Wars: Acolyte Trailer Leaks Amid Cancellation Rumors

The Star Wars: The Acolyte trailer has leaked online, which follows all those rumors about the cancellation of the series and the firing of showrunner Leslye Headland.

The Star Wars: The Acolyte trailer looks to be the same that was shown at Star Wars Celebration London back in April.

Disney has been removing the trailers via copyright claim, particularly on Reddit.

Star Wars: The Acolyte

What does the Star Wars: The Acolyte trailer show?

CBM offers a description in that the trailer shows Lee Jung-jae’s character imparting wisdom to students at the Jedi Temple, emphasizing, “the Force is powerful… it is a power we must respect.”

The scene transitions to an intense Force battle between Carrie-Anne Moss and Amandla Stenberg (whose character identities remain under wraps) within a cantina-like setting.

Brief glimpses also showcase the characters of Manny Jacinto, Dafne Keen, and Rebecca Henderson displaying their skills in action and more.

Towards the end of the trailer, a powerful moment unfolds as multiple Jedi ignite their lightsabers at the same time.

Also fitting with a leaked description (see below), Jodie Turner Smith’s character says, “This isn’t about good or bad, it’s about power and who’s allowed to use it.”

star wars acolyte fan poster
Fan art

Is Star Wars: The Acolyte canceled?

Regarding Star Wars: The Acolyte being canceled, YouTuber Doomcock claims sources have filled him in the series has been canceled, and Hollywood producer and writer Kamran Pasha has been adamant that the series has been canceled and that Leslye Headland has been let go from Lucasfilm.

Regarding what Jodie Turner Smith’s character has to say in the trailer, Doomcock has said The Acolyte revolves around Amandla Stenberg’s lead character as a fallen Jedi who joins the Dark Side only to be betrayed by her Master, so the character then goes out to totally destroy The Force to make both the Jedi and the Dark Side pay.

“Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Kathleen Kennedy was already with The Acolyte to do her best to finish off George Lucas’s legacy and kill The Force,” said the YouTuber.

Pasha has claimed his insider, dubbed “Sparrow” filled him in on the cancellation.

“Sparrow confirmed, and this is not a rumor, this is their confirmation, that Leslye Hedland is no longer working with Lucasfilm. They’re no longer part of the company’s inner infrastructure. They’ve been removed,” said Pasha.

Pasha continued, “So the other thing they’ve confirmed is the part of the process of Leslie Headland no longer being an employee of Lucasfilm is that her Acolyte show – the mysterious Acolyte for which we never have a clear answer as to what they’re doing – The Acolyte show has been essentially put into, as Sparrow puts, it soft cancellation.”

star wars acolyte fan art
Fan art

It’s Rian Johnson all over again?

Pasha has claimed it’s another “Rian Johnson” all over again, as years ago saw Johnson announced on a new Star Wars Trilogy, but it isn’t happening.

“Lucasfilm will treat this exactly like the Rian Johnson never-ending trilogy that will happen one day Inshallah, god willing, right, which they ran with that for years and that’s they’re their play. Their play is they’re just going to not talk about it anymore. They’re gonna memory hold it,” said Pasha.

Pasha added, “It will always be ‘it’s coming out soon – God willing – we just got to make a few more things happen,’ until eventually no one talks about it anymore which is exactly what happened Rian Johnson who is much bigger than Ms. Headland and that’s what they did with him.”

With the leak of the trailer, perhaps it was intentionally leaked to drum up support and remind fans the show still exists?

It’s also claimed that Kathleen Kennedy will soon be departing Lucasfilm and even the newly announced Rey movie isn’t happening.

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